1. Introduction to Physitrack Telehealth

Note: before starting with Physitrack Telehealth, Test your system for Telehealth and make sure that your camera and microphone are working.

Physitrack Telehealth extends Physitrack's scientifically proven home exercise prescription platform with secure video calling to let you conveniently conduct video calls from inside Physitrack.

Please start by watching the videos below, and then feel free to read the following sections.

Video tutorial (4 minutes)

Telehealth Basic

Telehealth Pro(+)

For mor information on Telehealth Basic, Telehealth Pro and Telehealth Pro+, please have a look at this article: Differences between Telehealth packages

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This "Getting started" section has been structured into three main sections:

  1. Privacy & security
  2. System requirements
  3. Workflows

Note: Physitrack Telehealth is available as an add-on to your monthly Physitrack subscription. Full details of our packages, take a look at the document here.

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