How do I add my own exercises and educational content

One of the strengths of Physitrack is the unparalleled breadth and quality of our content. With more than 5500 exercise videos in HD, and hundreds of educational articles, Physitrack prides itself on client education.

However, you may still want to add your own exercise videos, film clients performing exercises or add handouts and general educational content. 

Add your own exercise videos

Note that you can only add exercise videos. If you'd like to add a series of photos, please place all the photos in a PDF document, and upload this PDF document as educational content.

  1. Login to your Physitrack account
  2. Go to Library > Exercises
  3. Click on the Camera button
  4. Find the video on your computer.
    The maximum file size is 250 MB.
  5. Click the "Upload video" button
  6. Your video is then transcoded for web and mobile delivery. While this is happening, you can set all the parameters for the exercise, so that you can quickly find it back later.
  7. Click "Save" to save the exercise video to your library.

To edit or remove an exercise, go to Library > Exercises and click on the exercise that you want to delete or edit.

Add educational content

  1. Login to Physitrack
  2. Go to Library > Education
  3. Click the "+" button
  4. Enter a title and choose the type of educational content that you want to add. You can add either a PDF document, or a video.
  5. Click "Save" to add the educational content to your library.

To edit or remove content, go to Library > Education and click on the content that you want to edit or delete.

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