Add a (new) patient

Adding patients to your Physitrack account is quick and easy. To protect your patients' privacy, we ask for as little data from them as possible.

Physitrack integrates with dozens of practice management systems. Is the system you use on this page? Then create a link so you don't have to add your patients manually!

Log in to your Physitrack account if you are not already.
Click Patients at the bottom and then the + Add patient button at the top right.
You will now see the screen to add a new patient.
  • The first name, last name and year of birth fields are mandatory fields. The patient's gender (M/F/X) must also be entered.
  • You can optionally set a pain level threshold per patient that differs from the default threshold (read here how to set it), e.g. for a patient who is more sensitive to pain. If, after doing exercises, the patient enters a pain level that exceeds this threshold, we will send you a notification about this.
  • If desired, enter the patient's e-mail address so that we can automatically e-mail them a programme code when you assign them an exercise programme.

We are working on a solution where the patient's gender field is no longer mandatory or even disappears altogether. Please contact us for more information.
It is currently unnecessary to enter a patient's mobile phone number. Physitrack has no functions that require this phone number.
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