How do I assign a program to a client

Step 3: Assign the program to your client

When you're designed your program (you can always go in and edit it later), you need to assign it to your client.

Make sure that you are in the "Content editor" to assign a program.

  1. Click the "Assign" button (see below)
  2. Choose an existing client, or click "Add new client" to add a new client.
    ( Physitrack integrates with patient management systems so you can automatically import your clients.)
  3. After you've (added and) selected your client, you can choose the settings for this exercise program.
  4. When you are done, click "Assign program" to generate an access code for this program.
    1. Clients access their exercise program through PhysiApp, our free app for clients. Your client can also print the program from within PhysiApp.
    2. If your client has an email address, the access code will have been emailed to them, otherwise, you will need to communicate the access code to your client via email, paper or verbally during your consultation.

Ending a program

A program ends when:

  • The end date that you set has passed, or
  • You end the program yourself. 

    To end a client's program:
    • go to the Clients page
    • click on the client in question
    • click on the "View program" button
    • click on the "Settings" button
    • scroll down and click the "End program" button (see below)

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