5 steps to a flying start with Physitrack

Physitrack has been designed to help save you time, improve the quality of home exercise programs that you give to clients, and receive actionable, quality client feedback which you can use to further improve client care.

Below are our recommended first 5 steps to get you up and running with Physitrack. Simply click on the step to view the instructions in detail:

Step 1: Add your first client

Step 2: Select content for the client's exercise program

Step 3: Design the exercise program

Step 4: Assign the program to the client

Step 5: Track your client

Video 1: assigning your first program

Video 2: what your clients see (PhysiApp)

Video 3: viewing your client's adherence and settings

Your client will receive an access code to login or download  PhysiApp, our app for your clients, available on web, iOS and Android (free).

Note: your client will need to know their access code to access their program. If you've entered the client's email address when adding the client, the access code was just emailed to him. Otherwise, you will need to write down or email the access code to your client.

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