Telehealth consultations with your clients

Physitrack offers easy to use built-in Telehealth functionality as an add-on to your normal Physitrack subscription.

Quick Start

  1. Go to the Clients page
  2. Create a test client

    (or choose an existing client who is willing to test with you)

  3. Click the "Start video call" button
  4. If your client is new, they will receive an email with an invitation to join your call.

    If your client has PhysiApp installed on their iOS or Android device and is logged in to an active exercise program, they will see an incoming call alert on their device.

  5. You are now in the video call, waiting for your client

    If you don't see or hear yourself, click the "Settings" icon in the call window to make sure that you've selected the proper audio and video inputs.

  6. Your client will join the video call & the call begins

Benefits of Physitrack Telehealth

Calls are encrypted
Audio and video streams are encrypted.
No additional software to install for your clients
Your client uses the web, iOS or Android version of PhysiApp that they already have on their device.
Separate your personal communications from your clinical communications
No more need to use your personal WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime account for consultations.
Call duration is logged by Physitrack
You can view when calls were made and what the duration was.
Require consent before a call
If you like, you can automatically show a consent message that the client needs to agree to at the beginning of the call. If the client gives consent (or doesn't), this is logged in the call log.
Share your screen
If you would like to share screens or notes, for example to preview the home exercise program you are about to assign, you can do so securely.
Stream Physitrack exercises (and your own)
Educate your clients remotely by streaming exercises from our exercise library, including the ones you've added yourself. You can control playback of the exercise on your client's screen to make sure that your client fully understands the instructions.

Note: Physitrack Telehealth is available as an add-on to your monthly Physitrack subscription. Full details of our packages, take a look at the document here.

Note: before starting with Physitrack Telehealth, Test your system for Telehealth and make sure that your camera and microphone are working.

Physitrack Telehealth extends Physitrack's scientifically proven home exercise prescription platform with secure video calling to let you conveniently conduct video calls from inside Physitrack.

Please start by watching the videos below, and then feel free to read the following sections.

Video tutorial (4 minutes)

Telehealth Basic

Telehealth Pro(+)

For mor information on Telehealth Basic, Telehealth Pro and Telehealth Pro+, please have a look at this article: Differences between Telehealth packages

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This "Getting started" section has been structured into three main sections:

  1. Privacy & security
  2. System requirements
  3. Workflows

Note: Physitrack Telehealth is available as an add-on to your monthly Physitrack subscription. Full details of our packages, take a look at the document here.

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In Physitrack Telehealth, the practitioner initiates a call:

  1. The practitioner invites the client & starts the call 
  2. The client receives an invitation to join the call 
  3. The client logs in to PhysiApp to accept the call 

For best practices, see our article on our Recommended Telehealth Workflow.

1. Invite the client & start the call ✉️ 📹

Step 1: Invite the client

To invite a client, you can go to the:

  • Connect page and click the "Call client" button,


  • Clients page, click on the client in question and click the "Start video call" button.

You will see a modal (popup) that looks similar to the one shown below.

You can edit the invitation text as you see fit. You can also set a standard invitation text.

The invitation text contains a special link that lets your client download & login to PhysiApp in one click.

Note: if the client is logged in to PhysiApp and has the app open (web, iOS or Android) you will see a Call button next to their name. When you click this, you immediately start a call with a client and bypass the invitation screen.

Step 2: Check your call connection

When you press "Invite & start video call", a popup window is opened with the video call in it. You should see and hear yourself (see below).

If you don't see a popup, please check that your browser allows popups from Physitrack.

Make sure that you turn on your camera and microphone and allow your browser access to your camera and microphone.

(You can turn off video and mute audio during the call)

2. The client receives an invitation to join the call ✉️👨

Your client receives an email with a "single sign on" link.

When your client clicks this link, they automatically download PhysiApp (if on iOS or Android) and login to their program (all platforms).

Once they are logged in to the program, they are prompted to join the video call.

3. The client logs in to accept the call 👨👩

When the client joins the call, their video and audio will automatically show in your call.

  • If you've enabled patient consent, then the consent status will be shown in your call window
  • When you are in a call, you can share your screen or stream exercises.

We suggest that you first try this workflow with a colleague or friend, and then implement it with clients once you are certain that your audio and video are properly working.

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