Track the progress of your patient

If you have assigned an exercise programme and you have enabled adherence tracking, you can check at any time whether your patient is doing their exercises and whether they are experiencing any problems or pain. Have you added an outcome measure? Once your patient has completed the questions (digitally), you can see the answers in your account. Get to know the track in Physitrack!

Log in to Physitrack if you are not already.
At the bottom of the screen, click Patients and then choose the patient whose results you want to see.
The top part of the screen allows you to do the following:
  • Click < Patients to return to the patient list
  • Click on the text balloon to open the message window
  • Click on the cogwheel to open the patient properties
  • The Assign new program button allows you to assign an (additional) exercise programme to the patient. It is possible to assign more than one exercise programme under the same programme code. Read more here.
  • Click the Start video call button to start a Telehealth video consultation with the patient or send an invitation. Read more here.
  • The Copy login link button allows you to save a direct link to your clipboard. Then send it to the patient so that they can easily log in to PhysiApp.
  • The last button, Download activity logs, downloads a complete overview of all activities you and the patient have performed. You can read more about this on this page.
In the next segment, you can select the exercise programme (if the patient has or had more than one active exercise programme) and view the end date and programme code of the exercise programme. The programme code is only visible as long as the exercise programme is active. Clicking the View program button opens the exercise programme in the programme editor.
You will then see the data entered by the patient via PhysiApp. By default, the screen opens in the Adherence option. In this screen, you see how many of the prescribed exercises the patient completed (the green bars) and how much pain the patient experienced while doing so (the small circles, where the colour depends on the pain score).
  • To see more data on a particular day, hover your mouse over the corresponding green bar.
  • Click on the print symbol to get a detailed overview of the whole week. You can save this as a PDF document that you can upload to your PMS or EHR system, or physically print it if you wish.
If you have also assigned an outcome measure and the patient has completed it, you can see the results here. Exactly how the result is presented depends on the outcome measure.
  • To see more data on a particular category, hover your mouse over the corresponding green bar.
  • Click the View details button at the top right of the results for a printable version.
  • At the bottom left below the results, you will see a date and total score. Clicking there will display the full questionnaire with the patient's answers. You can save both printable pages (the details mentioned in the previous point and the complete questionnaire with answers) as a PDF document that you can upload to your PMS or EHR system, or physically print it if you wish.

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