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Welcome to Physitrack!

To log in to Physitrack, you need an account. Read here how to create a new Physitrack account.

To guarantee the security of (patient) data, Physitrack runs on various, strictly separated servers. Please note the country code in the URL and make sure you log in to the correct server, otherwise your account will not be found. Below is a complete list of Physitrack's login pages:

Physitrack vs. PT Direct

Physitrack (where you create and assign exercise programmes to your patient) and PT Direct (where you purchase and manage licences for your practice, among other things) both have their own login page. Make sure you use the right one:

  • https://XX.physitrack.com/login
  • https://XX.physitrack.com/ptdirect/sign_in

Replace XX with the appropriate country code.

Problems while logging in?

  • I forgot my password.
    No problem - on this page we explain how to reset your password.
  • I forgot my login.
    Contact us at support@physitrack.com and we will be happy to help.
  • I see a "Choose server" page.
    To avoid possible mistakes, Physitrack detects your IP address and matches it with the server closest to you. Choose the country associated with the server you want to log in to (which is not necessarily the same country as where you are) and click Continue to log in.

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