Can I assign multiple programs at the same time to a client?

PhysiApp supports one exercise program at a time. We do this to make the program as easy to use as possible for your clients. Your client should always be able to conveniently access the entire (combined) program under one access code, and the exercises to do on a given day should be unambiguous for your client.

Physitrack is developing the possibility to allow practitioners assign multiple programs inside the same access code. Once shipped, this feature will be announced via the monthly Physitrack newsletter.

If you'd like to assign multiple exercise programs to a client, simply add multiple exercise programs to your exercise basket. 

  1. Go to Library > Exercise programs (or simply build a bespoke program for your patient).
  2. Check the circle for the program you would like to assign. If there are already exercises in the basket, then you will be asked if:
    1. you want to "add as additional program", the newly selected program on top of the existing program in your basket;
    2. if you want to "replace current program";
    3. if you want to append the program after the current program (only shown if you are adding to a weekly program, not daily).

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