PhysiApp EasyLink

Welcome to PhysiApp EasyLink - an easy way to access exercise programmes, without an app or logging in. A great fit for patients who cannot (or do not want to) download an app, but still want to reap the benefits of their exercises in video-format.

  • It’s a fast and easy way to access exercise programmes on desktop or mobile.
  • EasyLink does not collect patient data, thus perfect as a “light” version of PhysiApp.
  • Patients click on the link in the email they receive or scan the QR code on the printout and the exercise videos come to life!

Important: The security of Physitrack and the privacy of your patients are top priority for us. For this reason, it is currently not possible to assign your own added content (both exercises and educational material) to your patient via PhysiApp EasyLink. It is also not possible to change the title or description of exercises. Through PhysiApp EasyLink, you can only assign exercises and educational content from Physitrack in their original form.

What are the differences between EasyLink and PhysiApp?

PhysiApp PhysiApp EasyLink
Purpose Complete exercise prescription and Telehealth solution for patients. Easy way to access exercise videos for patients; especially useful while using printouts. Does not support Telehealth.
How to access Patient needs to log in with the programme code and year of birth. Patient clicks the link in the email they receive or scans the QR code on the printout. No logging in required.
Does it send data to Physitrack? Yes No
Adherence tracking, outcome measures support? Yes No
Does the patient have to download anything? The patient downloads PhysiApp or opens their program in a browser. No, EasyLink works on desktop or with a mobile web browser.
QR-code scanning Scanning the QR code on the printout leads the patient to PhysiApp.
PhysiApp EasyLink needs to be enabled by the practitioner. Scanning the QR code on the printout leads the patient to PhysiApp EasyLink.
Assigning own content With PhysiApp, it is possible to assign system exercises as well as your own content. If you want to use PhysiApp EasyLink, you can only assign system content. It is not possible to assign your own exercises or educational content.

When can patients benefit from EasyLink?

  1. With PhysiApp, patients watch exercise videos and replicate them. Not all patients, however, are able to use PhysiApp. Perhaps they have less affinity with technology or mobile apps. Until now, the best option for these patients was a paper printout of the exercise programme, except that the patient could then not watch back the exercise videos. Now there is EasyLink: a perfect solution with quick and easy access to the videos of the assigned exercise programme.
  2. If you (the practitioner) do not need adherence details, or you are not going to use Telehealth with this patient, EasyLink can make your patient's life easier. Now you help your patients even faster with nothing more than an email with a link (which the patient will receive automatically) or a printout with a QR code.
  3. Are there technical or financial barriers? With EasyLink, you give your patient the right care, regardless of their situation. The big advantage of EasyLink is that it is completely web-based. Whatever device your patient has, as long as they have an internet connection, they can access the exercise videos. And for patients with limited internet access, PhysiApp has the option of downloading the exercise videos into the app.

How to assign a new exercise programme and enable EasyLink

  1. Compose your exercise programme in the program editor and click on the Assign button
  2. Enable the checkbox "Enable PhysiApp EasyLink"
  3. Confirm by clicking "Assign Program"

How can a patient open PhysiApp EasyLink?

To open the exercise programme with PhysiApp EasyLink enabled, the patient needs to click the link in the email they will receive if their email address is added to Physitrack, or scan the QR code on the programme printout. Feel free to share the below instructions with your patient!

  • Link in programme code email
    1. You will receive an email automatically if your practitioner added your email address to Physitrack
    2. Click or tap the link and PhysiApp EasyLink will open in your (mobile) browser
  • QR code on programme printout
    1. Open the camera app on your phone
    2. Direct the camera to the QR code
    3. Your camera will now show you that there is a link connected to this QR code - tap on it
    4. PhysiApp EasyLink will open in your mobile browser
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