Add colleagues to your subscription

Each practitioner who wants to use Physitrack needs their own account with subscription. It is possible to add colleagues to one subscription, so you don't get separate invoices and payments. Read how to do this on this page.

If you have more than 10 practitioners in your practice, we offer a specialised solution for managing your subscriptions. Please email for more information.

Are you still using a (free) trial? When you add colleagues, this subscription will be converted to a regular (paid) subscription.

Would you like your colleagues to try Physitrack for free first? Then ask them to start their own subscription. You can still add these colleagues to your subscription at a later time.

Log in to your Physitrack account if you are not already.
This will be the account the subscription will be charged to.
Click on your name at the bottom right and go to Subscription.
Scroll down and click the + Add colleague button.
Enter the email address of the colleague that you want to add to your subscription, check the box to indicate that you are aware of and agree to the additional costs, then click the Add to my subscription button.
You will then see the colleague on your subscription page. Next to each colleague you will also see (in red) a link to remove the colleague from your subscription again.

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