How do I send a message to a client?

Physitrack allows you and your patient to communicate within Physitrack and PhysiApp via 2-way messaging. Simply follow the instructions below.

Note that you clients can only initiate conversations if:
  1. You have enabled this in messaging settings, and;
  2. You have sent at least 1 message to the client (in this case, a client always has the opportunity to reply to your message)

Sending a message to your client

  • Go to Clients and open your specific clients file.
  •  Click the speech bubble button in the top right.

  • Then, simply type the message that you would like to send to your client, and click "Send".

Your message(s) will immediately be visible to your client in their PhysiApp account.

Received messages from a client

  • Login to Physitrack
  • Go to the Clients page
  • Sort the clients by Unread messages and you will see all your clients with unread messages appear at the top of the page. 

A red icon next to the client name, means that the client sent a pain alert.

  • Open the clients file and click on the speech bubble button to view their message.
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