"Connect" settings

Update the video calling instructions and pre-call consent text boxes via "Settings" tab

Below is an image of the various communication settings.

  • Allow clients to initiate conversations refers to the 2-way messaging function built into Physitrack/PhysiApp. This is automatically switched off. Click the box to switch on (allow) this function. If this function is disabled, a client can only reply to a message that you send (and send feedback alongside completed exercises), but cannot initiate conversations herself.
  • Show consent confirmation at start of call refers to the consent box that appears on the client's screen in PhysiApp when they first answer your call. This is automatically switched off. Check the box to switch on (allow) this function. Please note that even if the client does not consent to a call, Physitrack does not terminate the call. The call is continued at your discretion, and you can see that consent was given (or declined) from the Connect > Call Log page.
  • Pre-call consent refers to the box the patient will see when they answer their Physitrack Telehealth call in PhysiApp. This box must be read and agreed to in order to commence the call.
  • Video calling instructions can be emailed to a patient when selecting the "Start video call" button mentioned previously in the "Call your client's directly via "Connect"" page. This option is only available if an email address has been selected for the client.%{patient_full_name} = name pulled from “Client” in Physitrack

Key to "Video calling instructions" automations

  • %{patient_full_name} = pulled from “Client” file in Physitrack.
  • %{current_date} = todays date. Manually remove this and enter another date (and time) if appointment is in the future.
  • %{link_to_call} = automatically generated by Physitrack.
  • %{access_code} = if the "link to call" doesn't work, the patient can simply login to PhysiApp with their access code (also known as "program code") and their year of birth.
  • %{practitioner_full_name} = pulled from “My account” in Physitrack.
Note: Physitrack Telehealth is available as an add-on to your monthly Physitrack subscription. Full details of our packages, take a look at the document here.
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