Troubleshooting video calls

Please use our Telehealth Troubleshooting Wizard to help troubleshoot video calls or read through the steps below.

Are you a patient?

  • Have you downloaded PhysiApp (or your practitioner's own app) to your iOS or Android device and are you logged in?
  • Are you seeing an incoming call alert?
    • If not: please make sure that your internet connection is reasonably good and that you are logged in with your correct (most recent) program code.
  • Does the video call start?
  • Are you not seeing video or hearing audio?
    • Please make sure that you have granted PhysiApp permission to access your microphone and camera.
    • Please check that your microphone and camera are plugged in and working.
  • Does the above not help or are you experiencing other issues?
    • Please contact us using the link above.

Are you a practitioner?

  • Are you using the web or iOS version of Physitrack?
    • If you're using the iOS version: video calling is temporarily disabled while we are re-writing Physitrack for iOS.
      We expect video calling on Physitrack iOS to be available again inearly 2020.
  • When you click the "Invite & start video call" button (shown below), does the call window open?
  • Are you seeing yourself in the video chat room?
    • If not: please check that you are using a supported browser and that your network / firewall does not block our calls. See our system requirements.
  • Does your call disconnect suddenly?
    • Are you certain that your internet connection is stable?
  • If your issues remain or if you are experiencing other issues, please contact us using the link above.

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