The "Templates" library - an introduction

Within your Physitrack account, you will find a separate section with templates in addition to a large amount of exercises. The templates are ready-made exercise programmes compiled by clinical experts in their field. The templates are of course general in nature and do not take individual cases into account. You can assign a template directly to your patient, but it is also easy to make changes first (a kind of fine-tuning) and then quickly and easily assign an individual exercise programme.

It is also possible to create your own templates and add them to your Physitrack account. This way, you have complete freedom in putting together your own exercise programmes (with our system exercises, your own exercises or a combination of the two) and you don't have to put together the same exercise programme for every patient. It is also possible to add educational content and outcome measures now. So you save yourself time that you can spend on the patient.

Please note, some of our templates may contain many exercises. This is intentional. For some programmes, there may be a range of exercises that may be applicable at this stage, e.g. ACL rehabilitation. We then choose to add as many relevant exercises to the template as possible. You can then remove the exercises that are not necessary for your patient. This is much faster for you than adding "missing" exercises.

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