Remove an exercise from an exercise programme

Removing an exercise from an exercise programme is very simple. Within Physitrack, you can remove exercises from a programme in three ways:

Remove an exercise by hovering over the basket

Hovering your mouse over the basket will open up a small window displaying the exercises you have added to your basket.
Click the circle (remove the tick) of the exercise you want to remove from the programme.

Remove an exercise from the programme editor

Click an exercise's red cross to remove it from the exercise programme.
You can also first click on the exercise and remove it then by clicking the button with the basket and the minus sign.

Remove an exercise from a template

Go to Library > Templates and select the template you want to remove an exercise from.
Click on the button with the pencil symbol to edit the template.
Now remove the exercises in the same way as you always do in the programme editor.
Note that unchecking the exercises in this screen does not remove them from the template, but instead ensures that the exercises do not join the programme editor if you select the template as a whole.
Click the Close link in the left top corner of the programme editor to save your changes and return to the library.

You can only remove exercises from your own templates. Would you like to remove an exercise from a system template, e.g. because you want to use the template, but without a particular exercise? Then make a copy of it first and then edit the template.

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