Can I assign one exercise programme to multiple patients?

There are situations when you want to assign a single exercise programme to more than one patient, for example when these patients train in groups. This is possible by using PhysiApp EasyLink. Patients can then scan the QR code on an exercise programme with their smartphone and see the exercise videos.

If your patients cannot or do not want to use the QR code, you can also create a fictitious patient and assign the exercise programme to this patient. To do so, follow the steps below.

This method does not allow you to track adherence or pain scores or assign outcome measures. Do not include individual instructions or personalised exercises, as multiple patients will be able to view them.

Do you want to make use of these options? Instead of following the method below, save your exercise programme as a template, after which you can easily assign it to multiple individual patients.

Log in to Physitrack if you are not already.
Go to Library > Exercises, select your exercises and design your exercise programme as you normally would.
Proceed to the step to assign the programme to the patient. In this stage, you must first select the patient. Click the link to add a new patient and then add a patient with a fictitious name and year of birth. Do not enter any email address or mobile phone number.
It's best to use a name that tells you something about the exercise programme, such as Mr Knee Programme.
Under no circumstances use the name of (one of) the patient(s).
Ensure that you have adherence tracking turned off and that you have not added any outcome measure to the exercise programme. After all, since you want to assign the exercise programme to more than one patient, you will not have the option of having the patient provide feedback.
Now click Assign program, note down the generated programme code and hand it over to the patients - together with the year of birth. Your patients need both the programme code and birth year to access the exercise programme. If you have enabled PhysiApp EasyLink, it is sufficient that you create a PDF version of the exercise programme; patients can then scan the QR code on this document.
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