How much does Physitrack cost?

Physitrack subscription

  • Each practitioner that wants to use Physitrack needs an own Physitrack account, allowing for an unlimited number of patients and unlimited number of exercise programs, using our library of 10,000+ exercise videos.
  • Share patients and content with your colleagues.
  • PhysiApp (our patient app for iOS, Android and web) is free of charge for your patients.
  • Telehealth Basic is included in each Physitrack subscription.
  • Risk-free trial: If you cancel your trial subscription within 30 days, you won't be charged.
  • There is no lock-in. You can cancel your subscription each month.
Country Price per practitioner per month
Australia $16.49
Brazil R$ 34.00
Canada $16.49
Finland € 12.45
France € 12.45
Germany € 12.45
Indonesia IDR 114.000
Ireland € 12.45
Italy € 12.45
Latin America
$ 9.49
Netherlands & Belgium € 12.45
New Zealand $16.49
Poland 34.00 zł
Sweden 115 kr
UK £12.49 + VAT
USA $13.49

Telehealth Pro / Pro+ add-on

  • Physitrack Telehealth lets you securely and conveniently conduct remote consultations with your patients.
  • Audio and video are encrypted. You can optionally stream exercise videos during a call to help educate your patients.
  • Your patients won't need to download additional apps. Telehealth runs inside the free PhysiApp patient app on iOS, Android and web.
  • Physitrack Telehealth Pro and Pro+ is built on Dolby™ technology. Audio and video are crystal clear.

Telehealth packages

Physitrack offers three Telehealth packages: a suitable solution for every Telehealth need.

Basic Pro Pro+
Price per practitioner per month
in addition to the Physitrack subscription
Free AUD 16.99
CAD 16.99
USD 11.99
€ 11.99
R$ 59.00
PLN 49
SEK 49
AUD 28.49
CAD 28.49
USD 19.99
€ 19.99
R$ 99.00
PLN 89
SEK 89
Number of patient minutes per month 
secure, high-quality, HIPAA compliant calling
unlimited 2000 * unlimited
Physitrack's BAA
for US customers only
included included included
Use of PhysiApp to call clients
PhysiApp is available on web, iOS & Android
browser only iOS/Android
& browser
& browser
Content streaming
live exercises and education streaming
remote engagement with no loss of quality
- included included
Screen sharing
share the practitioner's window or desktop
included included included
assess your patient's joint range
- included included
Group calling
conduct Telehealth with multiple patients simultaneously
included - included
Dedicated IP addresses
for white-listing Physitrack Telehealth in your corporate firewall
- - included
Technical support
Email support within 2 working days for you and your patients
(self service only) included included
  • Prices do not include 20% VAT in the UK.
  • When you purchase the Telehealth Pro / Pro+ add-on, you will be charged proportionally for the rest of the calendar month.
    Example: if you purchase Telehealth Pro / Pro+ on 15 April, you will pay the half of the above mentioned prices. The regular fee will be charged at renewal on 1 May.

* Patient minutes per month (Telehealth Pro only)

  • Only the minutes after your patient joins the call, will be deducted from your balance. Waiting time for your patient to join the call won't cost you any minutes.
  • Patient minutes are reset and Telehealth is charged on the first day of each month, together with your Physitrack subscription.
  • There is no carry-over of minutes between months.
  • Unused minutes cannot be transferred between practitioners.

Call recording - Telehealth Pro / Pro+ only

  • The audio portion (not video) of the call is recorded, converted to mp3 and is stored on Physitrack’s servers for 30 days before it is deleted. 
  • Call recording is available for larger PT Direct accounts and is subject to a separate legal agreement for data management. 
  • You can download the mp3 files manually or via API. 
  • Call recording is charged at a fixed fee on top of your Telehealth plan. The additional charge is 0.05 EUR / USD / GBP per minute.

To enable call recording in your account, please email

Group assigning

Create patient groups and assign programs to multiple patients at the same time.
Included for customers with a Custom App


  • Physitrack offers a discounted subscription rate to members of various associations and users of many practice management systems.
  • Physitrack offers volume discounts from 100 practitioners and up. Please email for a proposal.

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