What languages are Physitrack exercises available in?

At Physitrack we publish all exercises (currently about 17,000) in English first, after which we translate them into other languages, reaching out to ever more people and communities in the world.

Translating is prioritised on patient & practitioner demand. Do you feel a language or specific exercise is missing? Let us know!

Physitrack exercise language Published exercises
English 17,071
Arabic 2,491
Bahasa Indonesia 6,035
Dutch 7,037
Finnish 9,723
French 4,381
German 8,203
Hindi 367
Japanese 5,529
Korean 5,532
Polish 2,679
Portuguese 6,330
Spanish 6,303
Swedish 14,641
Turkish 4,209

Patient app (PhysiApp®)

If a patient's iOS or Android device is set to one of the above languages*, the user interface will be shown in this language. If the exercise is available in this language, it will automatically be shown in this language as well (otherwise, the English version will be shown).

* Applies to all displayed languages except Hindi, Japanese and Korean.

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