Delete Physitrack account

On this page, we explain how to delete your Physitrack account yourself from our servers.

  • Deleting your Physitrack account is final and irrevocable. This action cannot be undone!
  • Along with your Physitrack account, you will also delete all your patients and their exercise programmes. Of course, if a patient also has an exercise programme assigned by another practitioner, it will not be deleted.
  • Physitrack keeps only the most essential data on subscription payments. However, invoices are not kept - make sure you download them before deleting your account.

Follow the steps below to delete your Physitrack account:

Log in to Physitrack if you are not already logged in.
Click on your name at the bottom right and go to Settings.
Scroll to the end of the page and click Delete Physitrack account.
Confirm here that you do indeed want to delete your account and enter your password - this is only to prevent you from accidentally deleting your account. Click Delete my Physitrack account again.

You will now be logged out and your account deleted.

Transferring patients and content

At the moment you delete your Physitrack account, you have the option to transfer all your patients (including their active exercise programmes) and added content to a colleague. This ensures continuity of care for your patients and the availability of e.g. exercises added by yourself.

Both your colleague and yourself must have a Physitrack account with a valid subscription. This subscription may have already been cancelled, as long as the calendar month in which it was cancelled has not yet expired. If your colleague does not yet have a Physitrack account, he or she can register an account.
To transfer patients and/or content, these patients and/or content must first be shared with your colleague. How to do that, read here.
Follow steps 1 to 3 at the top of this page. If a sharing relationship for patients and/or content has been created and accepted by your colleague, you will see the following screen:
Confirm here that you do indeed want to delete your account. Click the option Transfer all of my patients and content to: and select your colleague from the drop-down menu. Enter your password as additional confirmation and click Delete my Physitrack account

You will now be logged out, your patients and added content transferred and your account deleted.

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