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Every practitioner who wants to use Physitrack will need their own account to do so. On this page, you can read how to create an account.

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Go to our homepage at and click the Get started button at the top right, or go directly to one of our registration pages below to create your Physitrack account.

Physitrack's various instances run on servers in different locations. Check out this page for more information!

Important: As the Physitrack servers operate strictly separated from each other, it is not possible to move a Physitrack account to another server at a later date. So take extra care to create your account on the right server!

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Want to look around a bit first to see if Physitrack is for you? No problem! Click the Back to free version button at the top left and try out Physitrack without creating an account. Learn more about the free version of Physitrack.

For unlimited use of Physitrack, an account and subscription is required, but remember that thanks to our free 30-day trial, even then you can try Physitrack in detail before being charged.

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