Telehealth subscription plans

Physitrack offers three Telehealth subscription plans, each suitable to different use cases of Telehealth in your practice.

Differences between Telehealth subscription plans

Feature Telehealth Basic Telehealth Pro Telehealth Pro+
Price Free €11.99 per practitioner per month €19.99 per practitioner per month
Call clients on the iOS/Android version of PhysiApp No, browser-only Yes
Exercise streaming No Yes
Virtual goniometer No Yes
Audio quality Standard Dolby™
Call technology Peer to peer Media server
Tech support Self-service only Email support within 2 working days for you and your clients
Screen sharing Yes Yes
Call minutes per month Unlimited 2000 Unlimited
Dedicated IP addresses No No Yes
Group calling Yes No Coming soon

Note that you can always upgrade to Telehealth Pro(+) for a month to try it out, and then downgrade to Telehealth Basic if you feel that Telehealth Pro(+) doesn't meet your expectations.

Benefits of Dolby™ Voice (coming soon)

The Telehealth Pro(+) plan uses Dolby Voice to allow for higher quality audio and better resilience if you or your clients' internet connection is less than ideal.

Dolby™ Voice offers:

  • Dynamic audio leveling
  • Advanced spatial audio
  • Noise and echo reduction
  • Integrated audio device management
  • Optimized bandwidth utilization
  • Advanced network resilience to help maintain good audio quality in challenging network conditions

Which Telehealth plan should I use?

  • I have a strong, stable internet connection, and so do my clients
    You can try using Telehealth Basic, and see if this results in satisfactory call quality and stability.
    If you are unhappy with the call quality, then likely Telehealth Pro, which runs over Dolby's secured media servers, will offer you and your clients better call quality.
  • Many of my clients use the iOS/Android version of PhysiApp
    Telehealth Basic runs in the browser only, including Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS. However, the client experience will likely be better if you simply ask them to open PhysiApp on their iOS/Android device and wait for you to call, rather than having them log in separately to the web version of PhysiApp and wait for your call. 
    You could try Telehealth Basic and upgrade to Telehealth Pro(+) to see which works better for you and your clients.
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