Add and remove licences in PT Direct

Before you can add healthcare practitioners within PT Direct, you need to purchase licences. This page tells you how to do this, and also how to reduce the number of licences so you don't pay unnecessarily for licences you don't need.

Log in to PT Direct.
Click on Payments & billing in the menu on the left-hand side of the page, and then on the Manage licenses or Manage add-on licenses button.
Adjust the number of licences using the arrows on the right to the new desired number, or enter the desired number of licences in the field and click on Save.
  • If you increase the number of licences, the extra licence(s) will be added as unbilled charges and included on your next invoice proportionally for the remainder of your current subscription period in addition to the renewal amount. If you would rather make payment for the new licences now please email once you have increased the licences and request that your unbilled charges are invoiced.
    Example: you pay per month, have 4 licences and add an extra licence on 15 May? Then on 1 June you pay for 5 licences, plus the amount for half a month (15 to 31 May) for the added licence unless you requested earlier payment.
  • Reducing your number of licences works in a similar way. On the next invoice, the removed licence will no longer be charged. Also, the part of the month during which the licence was no longer available will be credited in your account.
    Example: do you pay per month, do you have 5 licences and do you remove one of them on 15 August? Then on 1 September you will pay for 4 licences. In addition, the amount for half a month for the deleted licence will be credited.
  • Add-on licences act as an addition (providing extra functionality) on top of normal licences. These add-on licences (for Telehealth Pro and benchmarking) can be enabled for healthcare practitioners you have previously added within PT Direct. So make sure you don't accidentally buy more add-on licences than normal licences, because you won't benefit from them.
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