Log in to PT Direct

Welcome to PT Direct!

To log in to PT Direct, you need an account.  Read here what PT Direct is, if you qualify and how to get an account.

Just like Physitrack, PT Direct also runs on strictly separated servers. Please note the country code in the URL and make sure you log in to the correct server, otherwise your account will not be found. Below is a complete list of the PT Direct login pages:

The login screen looks as follows:

Your login details from PT Direct are separate from those of Physitrack. So take extra care to use the correct login details, especially if you have both a PT Direct and a Physitrack account.

Problems while logging in?

  • I forgot my password.
    No problem - on this page we explain how to reset your password.
  • I forgot my login.
    Contact us at support@physitrack.com and we will be happy to help.
  • My credentials are not recognised.
    Are you sure you are on the right login page? Physitrack and PT Direct are separate platforms, each with its own login page. On Physitrack's login page, you can use the button below to proceed to PT Direct's login page. You can also contact us, but beware: if your login problem is caused by trying on the wrong page, you owe us a coffee...

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