How do Physitrack Telehealth packages work?

When you would like Physitrack Telehealth activated, inform the Physitrack team via this form:

Once filled out, Telehealth call packages for your team will be added to your account. They will be charged in your next subscription renewal. 

The amount added to your subscription is the average price per user for your whole account, times the number of users.   
For example, if you have 10 users on your account and 8 require Telehealth Pro, your next subscription charge will be: 

Physitrack licenses: 10 x 9.99 

Physitrack Telehealth Pro licenses: 8 x 11.99 

Total: 195.82 (19.58 per license on average)

You can cancel Telehealth packages, as well as your Physitrack subscription, before the end of each calendar month by informing the Physitrack team via this form:

There are no refunds if you cancel intra-month.

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