Raintree integration guide

Once you have linked your Raintree account with your Physitrack account, you can assign programs and review adherence and PROM results, all from within your patient’s file.

Assigning a Physitrack program from the “Patient files” menu

  1. Search for your patient by selecting Find, and entering the patient's name
  2. Select the correct patient from the list by clicking or pressing enter on the patient's name.
  3. From the menu select “Physitrack HEP”:
  4. Click “View Patient Profile” in the popup box.
  5. This will automatically launch Physitrack, taking you to this patient's Physitrack file.
  6. Select “Assign new program”.
  7. Follow the steps to search for content and assign a program.
  8. On returning to Raintree, click “Refresh” to pull in the latest details, and then click “Save as Medical Record” if you want to save a copy of the pdf to the patient chart.

Assigning a Physitrack program from the “Dashboard” menu

  1. Click on your patient appointment as though starting your general documentation.
  2. Open the “Activities” tab and “Assign New HEP” towards the lower right side of the window:
  3. Search for a pre-set exercise template in the search box, e. g. type “Knee” into the box, then click “Search Templates”:
  4. Click on the name of your desired template.
  5. This then opens up a box titled, “Assign Home Exercise Program”. This box contains the names of the exercises within this template, along with any educational documents or PROMs within this pre-made template:
  6. The “Settings” tab at the top of this window allows you to change the start date and the duration the exercise program will run for.
  7. You can also choose whether or not to track “Adherence” and “Pain levels” in this window by checking, or unchecking, the boxes.
  8. Click “Assign HEP”, and then click “Yes” in the prompt box to go ahead and assign this template to your identified patient:
  9. Click “OK” in the “Notice” box.
  10. You will receive a prompt that asks if any additional changes are needed for the program.  If necessary, select “yes” and this will open the program in Physitrack where edits can be made before the program is finalized and sent to the patient:
  11. On returning to Raintree select to import the program so that the latest changes can be seen:
  12. Your patient will now receive an email containing an access code for their PhysiApp program. 
  13. A PDF of the patient's program will automatically be displayed in Raintree. Click “Save” to confirm this:
  14. The titles of the exercises will be added in the patients “Activities” list with the prefix [HEP]:
  15. To view progress or to make changes to the program, click on the title of the template (e.g. “Total knee replacement level 1”), located to the left of the “Assign New HEP” button in the “Activities” menu:
  16. Here you can view the exercise, PROM and adherence results:
  17. To edit this template, click the “View in Physitrack” button to the top right of this window:
  18. This then automatically launches Physitrack in your web browser (the single sign on (SSO) functionality means you do not need to enter your email address and password to access your Physitrack account).
  19. The template will open up directly in your patient's home exercise program. (the patient is copied to Physitrack automatically).
  20. You can add and remove exercise content, PROMs and Educational documents from here.
  21. Once items have been selected and/or removed, click “Done” in the top left corner. These changes will then save automatically.
  22. To copy the updated version of the exercise program to Raintree, return to your last window in Raintree, and select “Get Latest Data” towards the bottom right of the window:
  23. Click “Yes” in the “Prompt” window to confirm this action.
  24. Save” the updated PDF in your patient record if you would like to.
  25. Any updated activities will appear in the “Activities” menu in your patient’s file.

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