Edit a system outcome measure (by copying it)

You cannot change the system outcome measures that you can find in the library of your Physitrack account. However, you can make a copy of such an outcome measure. This copy can then be modified, e.g. the wording of questions or the way the (final) score is calculated. On this page you can read how to do this.

At the bottom, click Library and then go to Outcome measures.
Find the outcome measure you want to edit and click on its name to open it.
If necessary, click Questions at the top. You will then see a make a copy link. Click this to make a copy of the outcome measure.
Rename the copy, and do this in such a way that you won't easily confuse the copy and the original. Then click the Copy outcome measure button.
Now make your changes to the outcome measure. To do so, use the instructions on this page (for editing questions) or this page (for editing scoring).
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