Add a new outcome measure to your library

Are you looking for an outcome measure and can't find it on Physitrack? Or would you like to add your own outcome measure? At Physitrack you can. On this page you can read how to add an outcome meter step by step.

We regularly add outcome measures to the publicly accessible Physitrack library. However, sometimes the rights holder of an outcome measure decides that it cannot be visible on Physitrack. In that case, it is sometimes possible for healthcare practitioners to obtain an individual licence for the instrument and add it yourself. Read more about this on this page!

Go to  Library > Outcome measures
Click the + Add new button in the right top corner
Enter the name or title of your outcome measure. This is a mandatory field. You can also add a description of the outcome measure. This description will be visible to the patient.
In the next screen, enter the first question of the outcome measure.
Also indicate what answer option you want to give the patient. With Physitrack, you can choose between questions with one answer option (A, B, C, etc.) or questions with an answer range (e.g. a scale from 1 to 5).
If you choose the multiple-choice question, now enter the answer options. The minimum number of answer options is 2. Click the + Add option link to add an extra field for an answer option until you have entered all the answer options.
If you opt for a range question, you have to specify the minimum and maximum values of the range. These should be between 0 and 10. You can also enter labels for the two extremes, like "Very dissatisfied" and "Very satisfied" in this example, but you don't have to.
Click Save to save this question and + Add new question to continue. Repeat the above steps until you have entered all the questions and then click Close at the top left. You will then enter the main screen of the added outcome measure. To return to the library, click < Outcome measures in the top left corner.
When you add a second or subsequent question, you can click the Copy from preceding question button. Both the question and answer options will then be copied. Adjust the question, leave the answer options = time saved!
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