How do I set up scoring in my own Outcome Measures?

If you have created your own Outcome measure, it is possible to set it up so that you can:

  • bulk-set the score for multiple choice questions, 
  • group question scores together for sub-scores,
  • or select the score for each answer in each question.

Bulk-set scores for multiple choice

Chose whether the questions will score low to high or high to low, and whether they will be scored numerically or as a percentage. 

For multiple choice question, chose the increments by which you would like all these answers to increase or decrease. Click " Save". You will be able to view these changes in the "Question scoring" tab.

Group question scores

You may wish to create sub-scores from your questionnaire from the grouping of certain questions. Simply go into " Question grouping" and click "Add question group". 

This allows you to give the sub-group a title, and select the questions whose scores will be combined in this sub-category.

Bespoke the scores for each answer

Perhaps you do not wish for all of your answers to be scored the same. Using the " Question scoring" tab allows you to bespoke the scoring for each of your questions.

Questions scored as a range are fixed, but those using multiple choice can be changed. Click " Save" to remember these changes.

For more information to how to view outcome measure data, and how to create your own questionnaire, watch our pre-recorded webinar

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