Productivity tips: Use Physitrack more effectively

With every part of Physitrack, we have focused on ease of use for both healthcare practitioner and patient above all else. However, there are aspects that you as a practitioner can do to use Physitrack more effectively and enjoyably afterwards.

On this page, we give you 3 productivity tips. The corresponding pages give more information on how to use the feature described. This is how to get the most out of your Physitrack account!

Tip 1: Mark your favourite exercises

Physitrack's (English) exercise library now consists of more than 15,000 exercises and is still growing. Understandably, that can have an overwhelming effect. It is our experience that healthcare practitioners use several dozen to several hundred exercises on a regular basis. Marking these exercises as favourites puts them at the top of the library. That way, you can quickly find the exercises you need most often!

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Tip 2: Customise the name of exercises

All exercises in the Physitrack library are written by and recorded under the supervision of experts within their field. However, it is always the case that different names for exercises are in use in different parts of the world. And maybe in your case it is a matter of personal preference? No problem - at Physitrack you can easily change the name (and description) of exercises.

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Tip 3: Add exercise programmes as templates

Templates allow you to save an extraordinary amount of time. You can use the system templates already available, but adding your own templates is also a snap. Your very own templates are the starting point for the exercise programme you assign: think of it as a dish that you only need to season with salt and pepper.

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