Change the title and description of an exercise

All exercises in the Physitrack library are written by and recorded under the control of experts within their field. However, you may wish to use one of our exercises under a different title or with a different description. You may then find an exercise easier to find, or you may want to use your own set of instructions. With Physitrack, you can easily change both the title and description of an exercise.

Changes you make to exercises in the Physitrack library will apply to all exercise programmes you assign from the moment you save the change(s). Do you want to make a change from the programme editor, i.e. for a single patient? Then use the field to add additional instructions.More information

Please note that the audio instructions are not updated when you change the description of an exercise. Ask your patient to turn off the sound or not pay attention to the spoken text.

Go to Library > Exercises and then click on the Edit icon of the exercise you would like to modify.
Alternatively, you can also open an exercise first by clicking the thumbnail, then click the pencil button.
Change the exercise title and/or description to your liking, and click Save changes.
Click Reset to system defaults if you would like to reset the title and description of the exercise to the Physitrack system default.
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