Update your payment details

Unless otherwise agreed, the cost of your Physitrack subscription will be automatically charged to your credit card or other payment method. Updating your payment method is easy. The steps below show how to do this.

Keep in mind that your account must always include at least one payment method. You can only delete a payment method if you have more than one in your account.

Log in to the web version of Physitrack.
Click on your name in the bottom right corner and select Subscription.
Now click the Manage payment methods button.
If your subscription is through a PT Direct account, the payment method must be added by the licence administrator in PT Direct. More information can be found here.
The Add additional payment method (optional) button now allows you to add a second payment method to your Physitrack account, e.g. as a reserve (for when transactions on the first card are declined) or when your first card expires.
Fill in the fields and click Add to add the credit card to your account.
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