Add and assign exercises featuring your patient

Despite the large amount of exercises in the Physitrack library, there are situations when you want to add your own exercises to your account. This page will tell you how to do this in a few simple steps. You can then share these exercises with your colleagues and assign them to patients.

Physitrack also allows you to add exercises where your patient is visible. It is important that you follow the steps below to ensure your patient's safety and privacy.

Important: added exercises that feature your patient cannot be shared with your colleagues (unless you transfer the patient in question). The exercise can also be assigned exclusively to the featured patient.

Adding exercises with visible patient

Follow steps 1 to 5 on this page.
Tick the checkbox  A patient is featured in this exercise and then select the patient (or add the patient if they are not already in your Physitrack account).
Set the remaining parameters of the exercise (see step 6 on this page) and save the exercise.
The patient's first and last name may not be mentioned in both the name of the exercise and the instructions.

Assign exercises with visible patient

The instructions below apply both when you start from the library and when you first select the patient (Patients > [patient name] > Assign new program).

Exercises in which patients appear are not shown in the library of your Physitrack account by default. Select the patient whose exercises you want to see. You can only select one patient at a time.
Select the exercise(s) you want to assign by clicking on the circle.
Add any other exercises (in which the patient does not appear) and then proceed to the programme editor to shape your exercise programme.
Satisfied with your exercise programme? Then assign it!
Note: the patient featured in the exercise is already selected. It is not possible to assign this exercise programme to another patient.
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