Who has access to my patients' data?

Data protection and the privacy of you and your patients are top priorities for Physitrack. Physitrack is fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Check out our Privacy Policy to find out more about how we deal with this subject.

Can my patients' data be viewed by other patients?

No, they cannot.

Patients can only access their own exercise programme and programme history, enter adherence details or log in for a scheduled video call by entering an access code consisting of 8 random lowercase letters combined with their year of birth. They cannot access any other data whatsoever.

Can my patients' data be viewed by other practitioners?

As a general rule, other healthcare practitioners cannot view your patients' data. However, as a healthcare practitioner, you can choose to share your patients with colleagues. When you do so, these colleagues will have access to these shared patients and their assigned exercise programmes. They can then also assign exercise programmes to them themselves.

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Can my patients' data be viewed by Physitrack staff?

At Physitrack, we not only think about data protection and privacy, but also want to ensure the best possible user experience for both healthcare provider and patient.

Our support team is ready to help you as much as possible when you have questions about Physitrack. In some cases, we will look into your account and may see patient data to the extent necessary to answer your question or solve your problem. Naturally, this is done with the utmost care. The safety, integrity and confidentiality of these data are always guaranteed.

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