Why not use Skype®, FaceTime, etc.?

Why not just use (Skype/Google Hangouts/FaceTime/...)?

Since the 1990's, it has been possible to chat with other Internet users all over the world using a webcam and a microphone. Several technologies emerged which have become extremely popular, such as Skype (Microsoft) and FaceTime (Apple).

However, for Telehealth in physiotherapy, we strongly recommend Physitrack's video calling feature over consumer-grade calling programs, and here's why:

1. Privacy

Physitrack Telehealth simply runs inside PhysiApp (web, iOS and Android). You can make video calls with your patient without the need for your patient to import their contacts or link their account to with social networks.

2. Security

Chats are encrypted to help avoid interception.

3. Remote exercise demonstration

Physitrack Telehealth lets you choose content from our vast library of exercise videos and stream these to your patient, through picture-in-picture, in realtime while you are talking to your patient.

4. Install base

Physitrack Telehealth simply runs inside PhysiApp (web, iOS and Android). Once your patient is logged in to PhysiApp, you can conduct Telehealth consultations, send exercise programs, advice videos and outcome measures, all without requiring the patient to download additional software.

5. Platform neutral

PhysiApp is available on the web and as iOS and Android apps, meaning that your patient can be running a wide variety of technology.

6. Convenient: all patient exercise data in one place

You'll see a convenient record of all outgoing calls and incoming messages with your patient, in the same place where you can assign, edit and monitor the home exercise programs. Physitrack does away with the clutter of running separate programs for the home exercise part of the patient journey.

7. Legal: audit trails

For our enterprise customers, we offer the possibility to download the audio portion of Telehealth consultations, allowing for a complete audit trail.  
Note that this requires a legal review before implementation.

8. Transparent billing

All your Physitrack Telehealth charges show up conveniently on your Physitrack invoice.   
Export call time from Physitrack for transparent patient billing.

9. Personal support

If you or your patients encounter any difficulties, Physitrack is standing by every day to answer your questions. Simply email  support@physitrack.com. No complicated forms, waiting in a phone queue, or trouble ticket systems.

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