How do I change the program email text to my patients?

When you assign a program and you have provided an client an email address for your client, your client will receive an email with instructions on how to access their exercise program. 

You can change this text to suit your practice's needs, and add in extra information, such as emergency contact information or a link to your online booking form.

Login to your account on the web version of Physitrack and click on your name in the bottom right corner. Select  Settings and you will enter the My Account page. Scroll down to the "Access code email" section. 
Select who you want the sender of the message to be (either your name, or the name of your practice). This is what shows up in your clients' email program.
You can set the name of your practice from the My account > My practice page.
Select whether you want replies to the access code email to be sent to your email address or to
Please note that PhysiApp does not forward or answer any communications which do not strictly relate to technical questions about PhysiApp itself. We therefore suggest leaving this setting to on.
Set the subject of the message.
We suggest you keep it clear and succinct to avoid the email being marked as spam.
Set the body of the message
Important: there are certain fields (text enclosed in %{}) that are replaced before the email is sent. Some of these fields, such as the access code, are required fields that you must keep in your message. Please see the table below for details.
Field name Required? Description
link_to_app yes This is a dynamic link to the iOS/Android/web version of PhysiApp. When the client clicks this link, the device is automatically detected and the client is automatically logged in to the correct version.
link_to_web_version yes This is a link to the web version of PhysiApp which logs the client in directly to the web version upon clicking the link.
access_code yes Client access code.
client_name no Client name
practitioner_name no Practitioner name
practice_name no Name of the practice (if entered under My account > My practice).
additional_comments no Additional comments, as entered when assigning the program
Hit Save changes.

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