Sharing content from a "master" account

In Physitrack Direct you can select one master account from your ecosystem from which to share all content.

If there are exercises, pre-set programs and survey's that you would like all of your clinicians in your Physitrack Direct ecosystem to have access to, it is possible to do this via the " Master account" menu in Physitrack Direct. 

Select one account to be the "master" account in which all of this content will be created, then simply chose the clinicians with whom you would like this content to automatically be shared with.

Please note that the master content account needs to be registered as a practitioner account inside your PT Direct license.

Note: this function does not include patient sharing.

  1. Open the "Master account" menu in the left side panel.
  2. Enter the email address associated with your "master" account, and click "Save".

  3. Select the tick box beside those accounts within your Physitrack Direct ecosystem that you would like to have access to all of the exercises, programs, and questionnaires in the master account.
  4. These will then be shown in your colleague's account with your initials beside the title.

Remember, you can copy a patients program to your Library > Programs tab. Simply open up your clients file from the Client menu, go to "View program" and select the Copy to library button in the top right corner. If this is in the Master account, this program will automatically be shared with your colleagues selected above in step 3.

Content that is shared from the master content account is not syndicated to PT Direct sub-accounts.

A master content account can share content with other practitioners, provided that the target practitioners i) have a Physitrack account, and ii) don't belong to the PT Direct account that the master content account belongs to.

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