Sharing on Physitrack (Overview)

Physitrack allows for two types of sharing; clients and content (exercises, exercise programs, educational content and outcome measures): 

  1. Peer to peer sharing, where practitioners set up and manage sharing individually from the My account > Sharing page (web version only)
  2. Physitrack Direct sharing, where the PT Direct administrator can:
    1. syndicate all content from a specified master account with all the practitioners inside this PT Direct account, as well as;
    2. set up group sharing among selected practitioners inside the PT Direct account, where practitioner-created content and clients are shared inside this group.

These sharing modes can be used simultaneously, meaning that a practitioner can be part of a PT Direct account as well as have peer to peer sharing.

Clients Content
Peer to peer Set from My account > Sharing Set from My account > Sharing
PT Direct Create a "share group" where all clients are shared among all selected practitioners inside this PT Direct account.
Clients received from the share group are not re-shared in peer to peer sharing relationships.
Syndicate all custom content from a specified "feeder" account.
PT Direct content is not re-shared among peer to peer relationships.
Create a "share group" where practitioner-created content is shared among selected practitioners.
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