Re-linking your account from drchrono

If, when opening Physitrack from inside drchrono, you are not seeing a correct account, it could be that your drchrono account is connected to a temporary Physitrack account.

To resolve this:

1: Disconnect drchrono from your temporary account

  1. Login to your Physitrack account with your temporary account
  2. Go to My account > Settings
  3. Scroll down and click the "Disconnect" button to disconnect drchrono from this temporary account.
  4. Click the "Sign out" lin

2: Reconnect drchrono to your correct account

  1. Login to your Physitrack account with your correct account (web version)
  2. Go to My account > Settings
  3. Choose drchrono from the list of integrations, and click the "Connect to drchrono" button. 
  4. You are now taken to drchrono. Confirm that you give Physitrack access to your drchrono account.

Done. You can now  read on how to get the most out of the drchrono integration.

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