drchrono integration guide

Physitrack overview clip from Physitrack on Vimeo.

The integration between drchrono and Physitrack not only lets you save hours each month, but also saves you 30% off the regular Physitrack subscription fee (pay only $6.99 per month instead of $9.99 per month).

Step 1: Create a Physitrack account

  1. Sign up with Physitrack at https://us.physitrack.com/register
  2. On the payment page: enter discount code drchrono30 to activate your 30% discount

Step 2: Link your Physitrack account to your drchrono account

  1. Login to your Physitrack account and go to My account > Settings
  2. Choose drchrono from the list of integrations, and click the "Connect to drchrono" button. 
  3. You are now taken to drchrono. Confirm that you give Physitrack access to your drchrono account.

Important: if you have multiple drchrono users in your practice, you will need to connect each of your drchrono users to their own Physitrack account (meaning a separate email address that is signed up with Physitrack).

Step 3: Open Physitrack from within drchrono

  1. Login to your drchrono account
  2. Select a patient
  3. Click on the 'Physitrack' button in the bottom left of your screen

Step 4: Start using Physitrack with your patients

Read our easy-to-follow guide on  Getting Started with Physitrack

Note: if you are using the  iOS apps, ensure you download and login to both your Physitrack and drchrono apps on your device.

Go to the iOS app store and search " Physitrack" or " drchrono ehr".
Full details of iOS version click  here.

Video summary - Web version

Video summary - iOS version

Full details of iOS version click  here.

More on Physitrack with DrChrono here.

More on the DrChrono EMR here.

If you have a discount code, and you didn't enter it when you started your subscription, please login to your Physitrack account, go to the My account > My practice page and enter it under the "Affiliation" section. Your discount will be applied to the next billing cycle.

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