3. Adding and removing practitioners

  • Go to Practitioners
  • Click "+ Add practitioner"

    If your account does not include pre-paid licenses, you will be taken to the Payments & billing page to enter your payment details.

  • Once your payment information has been entered correctly, go back to Practitioners > Add practitioner to enter the details of the practitioner that you want to add. All fields are required.
    When adding a new practitioner, do not yet set the PMS integration for this new practitioner.. You can do this after the practitioner has been saved, or the practitioners can do this themselves.
    Once you've Saved the practitioner, the practitioner will receive an email with the login details for their Physitrack account.
    Note: if the practitioner that you added already has a Physitrack account, they will need to confirm that they are added to your PT Direct account before they become visible under the Content, Peer Sharing and Client Syndication pages. Once confirmed, the days that are left in the subscription will be credited to your PT Direct account.

Removing practitioners

When you remove a practitioner from your PT Direct account, the practitioner's account will no longer have access to the clients and content in your PT Direct account. 

If you are paying your PT Direct by monthly credit card payment, you will only pay for the practitioners that are actually present in your list of practitioners.

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