My patient cannot access their exercise programme

At Physitrack, we have always kept logging in for patients as easy as possible. Nevertheless, sometimes patients do not manage to open exercise programmes directly. Read here what you can do to help them. Of course, you can also refer your patient to the help pages for PhysiApp.

Patients use PhysiApp (not Physitrack). The app is free to download from the App Store (for iOS) and Play Store (for Android). In the e-mail with the programme code, patients will find a direct link to download PhysiApp. In addition, they can open their exercise programme in a browser by going to

On this page, patients can select which country they are in. Is this country not the same as the server your Physitrack account is running on? If so, let the patient know which country to select.

Programme code

When you assign an exercise programme to a patient, a programme code is generated consisting of 8 lowercase letters. This programme code (and their year of birth) allows the patient to access their exercise programme. The code can be found in the e-mail the patient received at the time you assigned them their exercise programme.

If the patient is added without an e-mail address, we obviously cannot send an automatic e-mail with programme code. In this case, please make a note of the programme code and give it to the patient by other means.

Birth year

Besides the programme code, the patient also enters their year of birth to access their exercise programme. It is therefore important that the patient is added to Physitrack with the correct year of birth.

Please note that if you have linked your Physitrack account with your practice management system, it sometimes happens that the patient's birth year is not imported correctly. This can happen, for example, when the birth year is missing or has a format that cannot be read by Physitrack. In this case, check the patient's data and adjust if necessary.

Resend the programme code to the patient

Log in to your Physitrack account if you are not already.
Click Patients at the bottom and then select the patient whose programme code you would like to resend.
Ensure that an active exercise programme is selected (if not, you will not see any programme code) and click the View program button.
Now click on the Settings button at the top right.
Click the Email program code button and the email is immediately sent to the patient.
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