Reassign an (ended) exercise programme

It may be necessary to reassign an exercise programme that has already ended. Perhaps the patient's symptoms have not disappeared, or you want an exercise programme to last longer than 52 weeks (the limit of Physitrack exercise programmes). This page tells you how to do this.

Want to extend an exercise programme that is still active without exceeding the 52-week limit? Read here how to do so.

Follow the below steps to reassign an exercise programme:

Click on Patients, and then on the patient whose ended exercise programme you want to reassign.

The name of ended exercise programmes is displayed in grey and in italics.

From the drop-down menu on the left, select the exercise programme you want to reassign and then click View program.
Click the Reassign button at the top right to reassign the exercise programme.
If you are happy with the exercise programme settings (more information here) and have no need to make changes, click Assign program. The exercise programme is then assigned and the patient receives a (new) access code.

Clicking Cancel here will take you to the programme editor. You can then make changes to the exercise programme before (re)assigning it. Read more about the programme editor here. Continue to the screen to assign the programme when you are satisfied with your changes.
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