My patients are not receiving emails from Physitrack

When you assign an exercise programme to a patient and the patient's e-mail address is entered in Physitrack, Physitrack sends an e-mail to the patient with the programme code and instructions on how to access the exercise programme.

Note that Physitrack does not send an e-mail when an already assigned exercise programme is modified. In this case, we do send a push message with notification to the patient. This is displayed if the patient has downloaded and installed PhysiApp on either Android or iOS.

My patient is not receiving the email. What can I do?

Check the patient's e-mail address. It may sound obvious, but a typo is easily made.
Read here how to edit your patient's data in Physitrack.
Ask the patient to check that the email is not in their spam folder.
Physitrack has no influence on patient spam filter settings.
Send the e-mail with the programme code to the patient again.
Read here how to do that.

Still no success? Contact us at and we will be happy to help you. If the exercise programme was assigned no more than 14 days ago, we can check in our system whether the e-mail was sent successfully.

  • If the e-mail was sent successfully according to our system, there is nothing else we can do. Possibly the e-mail is blocked by a (central) firewall or spam filter at the patient's premises, e.g. within the company network. Or perhaps the filters of online services such as Hotmail and Gmail are ‘over-fanatic’. In these cases, it may help to add as a contact or ask the network administrator to allow e-mails from through.
  • Does our system show that the e-mail was not sent when it should have been? Then we will ask our developers to check why this is the case. Of course, we will then keep you informed of the further progress.
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