Personalising contact with your patient to boost adherence

You are off to a flying start using Physitrack and assigning patient programs, and now you should be able to see the results with your patients. Physitrack allows you to have real-time insight with your patient’s adherence, pain levels and the reported outcome measures.

In speaking to practitioners around the world, we learned that personalizing contact with their patients helped boost program adherence. Physitrack can help you give that personal touch to the interactions you have with your patient.

As an example, you can:

  • Add an automated personal note to the program invitation
  • Add additional comments to the exercises that are specific for your patient
  • Send an encouraging message when assigning the program
  • Use the two-way messaging functionality to send supportive messages
  • Personalise the Telehealth invitation

This video (<3 min) shows you how to automate and personalize these interactions - adding value to your patient’s experiences with you. 

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