Add exercises to a weekly exercise programme

If you want to add an exercise to a weekly programme, you can choose to add the exercise to every day of the programme or some specific days in just a few simple steps. 

Open the weekly exercise programme you want to add exercises to.
Has your exercise programme not yet been switched to a weekly exercise programme? Read how to do that here!
Click the button to add exercises.
Select the exercise you want to add by clicking on its circle.
A window will now appear where you have two options to choose from:
  • add the exercise to every day of the exercise programme
  • add the exercise to specific days of the exercise programme
If you select the second option (specific days), you can then specify the days on which you want to add the exercise. First select the week and then the days. Click Done when ready.
Note: When a weekly exercise programme has not yet been assigned, "Day 1" is the day the exercise programme is assigned (unless you choose a different start date when assigning), "Day 2" is the day after that, etc.
Repeat actions 3, 4 and 5 for each exercise you want to add and click Done in the left top corner when ready.


By removing exercises and/or adding others to a weekly exercise programme, you can make the exercise programme grow with your patient's progress and recovery.

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