View the results of assigned outcome measures

Once an outcome measure has been assigned at least once and completed by the patient, you can easily view and print a graphical representation of the results. It is also possible to download a spreadsheet with the answers of (a selection of) your patients.

Don't see the buttons below in your Physitrack account? Then the ability to export patient data may have been disabled by your licence administrator.

Log in to your Physitrack account and go to Library > Outcome measures
Click on the outcome measure whose results you want to see
By default, you see an overview of all results for the outcome measure. Using the drop-down menus and checkboxes, you can set filters if you are interested in a particular part of the results. Click Show results (x) to filter the results.
The E-mail me survey data button allows you to generate a spreadsheet with the answers the (selected) patients gave to this outcome measure. Select the option to display your patients' names in the spreadsheet if you want this and click the button - the file will now be created and sent to the e-mail address belonging to the Physitrack account.
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