How Telehealth Basic and Telehealth Pro are secured

The confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data is of paramount importance to us at Physitrack.

Both Telehealth Basic, which runs on open source video conferencing software that we run on our own infrastructure, and Telehealth Pro, which runs on's infrastructure have security as a starting point in their designs.

Telehealth Basic

Telehealth Basic runs on Jitsi Meet, on Physitrack-managed servers.

  • Jitsi Meet uses hop-by-hop encryption. This means that anything that you send traveling to the server is encrypted, then decrypted on the server, re-encrypted and sent to everyone who is meant to receive it.
  • Jitsi Meet is considered more secure than Zoom, even by the TorProject and Snowden and the Freedom of the Press Foundation.
  • Calls get routed to the nearest Physitrack Telehealth server in the EU, Australia, Canada or the USA.

Telehealth Pro (and Pro+)

Telehealth Pro (and Pro+) run through's state of the art, advanced and resilient infrastructure.

  • All data to and from is AES 256 encrypted.
  • Calls get routed to the nearest server farm in the EU, Australia, Canada or the USA.
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