How do I prepare a client for a Telehealth call?

Before using Physitrack Telehealth with your clients, please make sure that you've successfully tried a Physitrack Telehealth call with yourself.

In order to carry out a Telehealth call, your client will need to do a couple of things.

  1. Have PhysiApp in a web browser ( or download the free app to their smart phone or tablet via the Apple "App Store", or Google "Play Store".
  2. Have an access code from their clinician.

An access code is generated automatically when you assign a program to a client. You may wish to assign a code to your client without only the "Telehealth Preparation" educational content attached (you can find this in Library > Education).

Once your client is logged in to PhysiApp, they will wait on the screen until the call comes through.

Physitrack's Telehealth function is one way, meaning only clinicians can call patients from Physitrack to PhysiApp, not visa versa.

You may wish to include our PhysiApp Telehealth call (PDF) which will walk your client through these steps in more detail.

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