System requirements

Physitrack is a modern web- and app-based platform that runs in the cloud. 
  • This means that to use Physitrack, you will need a reasonably good internet connection, especially if using video calling features.
  • Because Physitrack can contain sensitive information, we require reasonably modern hardware and browsers that support modern encryption standards.

Browser requirements for Physitrack (web) and PhysiApp (web)

  • Google Chrome versions since 2017 (except mobile Chrome on iOS)
  • Microsoft Edge version 18 or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox all versions since 2016
  • Apple Safari all versions since 2016 with H.264 (with some limitations for video) and mobile Safari

System requirements for Physitrack (iOS) and PhysiApp (iOS)

Apple iOS 11 or newer

System requirements for PhysiApp (Android)

Android version 5 (Lollipop) or newer

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